Artist Statement

All my life I have been fortunate to live and travel in beautiful and unique places. As an adult my passion for exploring and discovering new places and the people in them is undiminished. My inspiration comes from the stories and characteristics these possess. I want to capture moments of feeling and portray the beauty of the small things that make us all different. It is a wonderful experience to take one thing about a person or place and let it grow into something with its own life in the imagination.

The joy of discovery carries over into the way I work. I have never been able to choose one medium or style. I love pencils, paints and clay equally. A black and white photo is as inspiring as a Van Gogh; a DaVinci as magnificent as a Klimt. I strive to bring my excitement at seeing the world into the act of making art. The fun of art is its endless variety and evolution.

Art is not just physical images but a lifestyle of discovery and learning to really see. I am blessed to know the joy of seeing the world this way, and count myself successful if I can capture the smallest part of it on paper.

Thank you,

Amanda Brinkley